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Tutorial: Gif style #1 (shapes in a gif)

Requested by anonymous

Basically we’re going to have tutorial on how to have a gif in a gif,with shapes and all. Nothing too fabulous here,except Edward Norton.

Read on if you’re interested!

Examples of the gif style: one,two,three.

Things you’ll need:

◆ Photoshop Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS6 (I personally used CS6)

◆ basic gif-making and coloring knowledge 

I. The first thing you will need is two (or more) gifs.

I recommend having them the same size (mine were 245x245) and before doing anything,separately resize,color and sharpen them.

Though,they have to have the same number of frames. They have to.  

(In this tutorial,these gifs have 26 frames each)          

I currently have this:

(in separate canvases and in gif form obviously)

note: When you have your gifs ready and steady for a fight (hah),you should make your frames into layers with this:

It’s much easier to work with the gifs that way because then you know which frame is which layer easily.

II. Now,you choose which gif you will make in a shape,and which one is going to be the base for the shape gif.

I chose the colored gif as my shape gif so I will use this tool for making the shape:

 Make sure it is the polygonal lasso tool.You can use marquee tools too.

Now,take your time for cutting out the gif. I’m going really simple here,but you can also make circles or anything you want,really (with the elliptical marquee tool or any marquee tool you personally want).

(deepest apologies to Edward Norton for cutting his face)

When you have your shape ready,right-click the selection with your mouse and click ‘Select Inverse’. You’ll see that it selected the parts you didn’t want.

Now you select Frame 1 and Layer 1 and with the eraser brush () you delete the parts you obviously do not want. And you continue with Frame 2 - Layer 2 etc.                

Example down below:

When you have your Edward Norton all cut out,drag the gif onto the base gif’s canvas and it should look like this:

III. This is the main part. You select all the frames in the shape gif (otherwise known as Edward Norton’t cut-out face) and drag it onto the base gif. Like so;

If your shape gif is not in the place you want it to be,select all it’s layers and select the frames of the whole gif and move it with the Move Tool ()

Also,make sure the first layer of the shape gif is above the last frame of the base gif. 

And now this is it. When you have your shape gif in position,select Frame 1 and Layer 1 and make sure that when you click Frame 1 - Layer 1 will have that eyeball checked ().

And so on,so on. Frame 2 should have Layer 2’s eyeball checked etc. It can,however,have the Layer 1 eyeball checked too,no worries.

Example here:

Once you’re done with checking those eyeballs,you can either save the gif or you could just finish with a paper texture and set it on ‘Screen’ like I did. OR you might want to add something else,like another gif (if you want that,please use the Flatten Frames Into Layers command because it would save you time.)

Don’t forget about setting the time,too.

And ta-dah,you’re done!

P.S Feedback is great. 

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